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Office Reopens

Dear students and all the well-wishers, we have resumed the office between 10 am and 6 pm Sunday to Friday. However, the test preparation classes are run virtually unless the government does not shift the lockdown completely. Thank you.


Important Notice

"Dear students and well-wishers please follow all the safety measures against the new variant of COVID-19. Stay safe, Stay Strong"

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Selection Of Colleges /Universities

We have number of universities and college as per the need and academic level of students from diploma to higher education.

Career Counseling

Quantum Leap offers exclusive and intensive information to the students as per their need and aspirations. The experts and experienced counselors from Australia and US are providing genuine counselling and documentation facilities.

Accommodation & Travel

We wholeheartedly support our student for air ticketing, itinerary and and airport pickup at the desired destination of any country around the world.

Marketing Social

Quantum Team tirelessly works on addressing the visitors in our social networking sites including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and official website.

Interview Preparation

Our specialized team offers decent guidance and preparation for interview taken from University Boards and Immigration.

Info On Admission Requirement

Our department of counselling shares genuine information about entry requirement of the respective college and universities in US, Australasia, Canada, UK, France, Denmark.









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