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The GMAT is a standardized , three - part exam required by the most respected business schools in the world for admission into post graducate business and managementprograms .A GMAT score will give admissions officers a staistically reliable measure of how well you are likely to perform academically in the core curriculum .The test measures basiv Verbal ,mathematical , and analytical writing skills that applicants have developed over a long period through their education and work . The GMAT exam doesnot measure a person 's knowledge of specific fields of study .MBA programs enroll people from many different undergraduate and work backgrounds, so rather then test your mastery of any particular subjects area , the GMAT exam will assess your acquired skills. 

GMAT test Format 

The GMAT exam consits of four  separately times sections ( refer table ) . It is a computer  adaptive test which means that in multiple choice sections of the test , the computer constantly gauges how well you are doing on the test and presents you with questions that are appropriate to your ability level .These questions are drawn from a huge pool of possbile test questions. So your GMAT exa, may be completely different from the test of the person sitting next to you .

  Questions Timing

Analytical Writing

The area consits of two writing .These scores are computed and reported separately from the multiple choice sections of the test and do not affect your verbal ,quantitative or total scores.

Analysis of an Issue

Analysis of an Argument





Optional Break    5 mins


Measures your ability to reason quantitatively , solve quantitative problems and interpret graphic data 


Problem Solving

Data Sufficiency

37  75mins
Optional Break    5mins


Measures your ability to read and comprehend written material to reason and evaluate agruments, and to correct written material to conform to standard written English.


Reading Comprehension

Critical Reasoning 

Sentence Correction 

41 75mins