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Graduate Record Examination ( GRE) is required by most of the universities in the US for admissions at the graduate level. GRE scores are one of the determining factors of scholarship opportunities for graduate studies.IT is an online computer Adaptive Test administered by ETS.The GRE revised Genreal Test is composed of three measures Analytical Writing ,

Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning.

1. The Analytical Writing section measures the ability to articulate and support complex ideas, examine claims and accompanying evidence ,sustain a focused and coherent discussion ,and control the elements of standard written english .The analytical writing section requires you to provide focused responses based on the tasks presented ,so you can accurately demonstrate your skill in directly responding to a task .

2. The Verbal Reasoning Section  measures your ability to analyze and evalute written material and synthesize information obtained from it ,understand the meanings of words ,sentences and entire texts and understand relationships among words and concepts.The Verbal reasonings section measures your ability to understand what you read and how you apply your reasoning skills.

3. The Quantitative Reasoning section measures your basic mathematical skills and your understanding of the elementary mathematical concepts of arithmetic , algebra , geometry ,and data analysis .The Quantitative reasoning section measures your ability to understand ,interpret, and analyze quantitative information and to solve problems using mathematical models.

The Computer Based GRE revised General Test.

Typical Test Structural 

Assessing Types Numbers of questions Alloted Time
Analytical Writing (Analyze an Issue ) 1 30 minutes
Analyze an Argument 1 30 minutes

Verbal Reasoning

* Reading Comprehensions

*Text Completion

*Sentence Equivalence

20 questions 30 minutes per section ( Two sections)
Quantitative Resources 20 questions per section ( Two Section) 35 minutes per sections

Unscored *              ( Position                      Varies )               Varies                        Varies

Research **              ( At    the  end    Varies   Varies    of      the      Test )

* An unidentified ,unscored section that doesnot count towards a score towards a score may be included and may appear in any order after the analytical writing section .Questions in the unscored sections are being tired out either for possible use in future tests or to ensure that scores on new editions of the test are comparable to scores on from earlier editions .

**  An identified research section may be included in the place of the unscored section .The research  section will always appear ath the end of the test .Questions in this section are included for ETS research purposes and will not count towards your score .The GRE revised General Test is available at about 700 best centers in more then 160 countries .In most region of world, the computer based test is available on a continuous basic throughout the year .In  Mianland China ,Hongkong , Taiwan, and korea , the computer based test is available one to three times per months .In areas of the world where computer based testing is not available , the test is administered in a paper based foramt up to three times a year . The hardcopy of an inforamtion bulletin for GRE can be collected from the office of Quantum Leap Pvt Ltd .at Mahendrapool , Pokhara .For more information please visit our oiffice or log on to the website of GRE  at