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Undoubtedly,every year ,the number of international students in the US rises as more and more Students choose the United States as the place they wanted to broden their experience and continue their education.The US is now the most popular country for international students.There are a great numbers of reasons that students  choose to study in the United States.Among them  are quality ,choice and value .The United States has some of the world's finest colleges and universities .World wide ,they are reputed for quality programs,faculty,facility and resources .U.S higher education accreditation systems are in place to ensure quality standards.The U.S higher education system offers the world 's largest choice in types of institutions ,academic and social evironments,entry requirement ,degrees and fields of study .Currently ,there are more then 4,000 institutions of higher educationin the united states. Considering a  U.S degree as an investment in your future, it offers great value for the money .There is a wide range of college coasts ,as well as some excellent scholarships available from colleges and universities.Currently more than 670,000 international students are studying in the United States.More than 11,500 of these international students are from Nepal ! Before you pack your bags ,you should learn what the U.S has to offer you with academic excellence ,variety of educational opportunties ,cutting - edges technology , the opportunity for research , flexibility support services for International Students  Global Education and Long term career prospects,campus life experience.